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Water and Wastewater Industry

The services performed by Capital Project Strategies in the water and wastewater industry largely involve the representation of public and private sector owners.  As with many of the other industries in which we are involved, we generally work as an integral part of the owner’s project team, interfacing with and, as applicable, reporting to the owner’s procurement department, legal department and technical representatives.  Our primary areas of service in this industry involve “front-end” work – such as procurement and contracting advice and contract drafting.  A sampling of our experience is set forth below:

  • Metro Wastewater Reclamation District (Northern Treatment Plant).  Capital Project Strategies has been retained by Metro Wastewater to participate in an Alternative Delivery Method Evaluation related to its $220 million Northern Treatment Plant in Denver, Colorado.  As part of the Owner’s team on this assignment, Mr. Loulakis will establish and prioritize the specific criteria to be used to compare the delivery method options, evaluate the delivery method options, and identify the method most appropriate to meet the project’s needs, refine the procurement and delivery management features into a modified delivery method for the project, identify the risks associated with the selected delivery method, and develop action and contingency plans to mitigate those risks.
  • Southern Nevada Water Authority (Lake Mead Intake No. 3).  Mr. Loulakis has been serving as outside project counsel on SNWA’s largest design-build project, the Lake Mead Intake No. 3 project.  The project includes an intake shaft and a 3-plus mile intake tunnel beneath the lake, with tunnel boring of 17 bars of pressure.  He has been involved in the development and strategy behind all procurement and contracting documents, and has provided strategic advice to SNWA management on selection criteria, risk assessment, builder’s risk insurance and myriad other issues that have arisen in the procurement process.  He also served as a technical advisor to the selection team.
  • District of Columbia Water (Combined Sewer Overflow). Mr. Loulakis has been retained by DC Water to serve as a member of the Project Review Board for its long-term control plan for reducing Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) to local waterways.  His primary role to date has been focused on the Blue Plains Tunnel (BPT) project, which consists of a 23,600 foot tunnel and associated shafts. He led the DC Water project team in the evaluation and selection of project delivery systems.  He has also led the evaluation of the design-build procurement approach for the BPT project, including the drafting of the RFQ and RFP documents. His role on the overall CSO and BPT project is expected to continue for the next decade.
  • District of Columbia Water (Biosolids Digester Program). DC Water has retained Mr. Loulakis to assist its project team on the project delivery evaluation and procurement approach for its Biosolids program. His role is to assist the project team in identifying the best delivery option and procurement for the various components of the system, including the Main Process Train, and to serve as a resource in the review and drafting of the procurement and contracting documents.

  • City of Marco Island (Upgrade to Wastewater Treatment Plant).  The City of Marco Island, Florida retained Mr. Loulakis to create an Engineer-Procure-Construction Management (EPCM) contract to increase the capacity of its existing wastewater treatment facility and convert a portion of the facility to membrane bioreactor technology.  He conducted negotiations with the EPCM firm, and also assisted the City in strategizing its overall procurement approach.

  • American Water (Contract Review and Update).  American Water retained Mr. Loulakis to work with the company’s engineering department and general counsel’s office to update and modernize American Water’s standard form contracts.  The company used modified versions of the EJCDC family of forms, including the design-bid-build and design-build families. 

In addition to “front-end” client work in this industry sector, we have also been very active in the water and wastewater industry through the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA).  Mr. Loulakis served on DBIA’s Board of Directors and has been actively involved in the Civil Infrastructure Committee of the organization.  This committee has been developing best practices for design-build in the water and wastewater sector.  Mike regularly speaks at DBIA’s annual Water and Wastewater Conference on issues involving project risks and lessons learned in the procurement and contracting of water and wastewater treatment facilities.  He also is the co-author of a two-part monograph entitled “Design-Build Delivery for the Water and Wastewater Industry,” Construction Briefings, West Publishing (November 2003, Part 1; December 2003, Part 2).


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