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Public and Private Sector Facilities

The public and private sector facilities market is quite diverse, and includes such projects as correctional facilities, commercial office buildings, telecommunications centers, hospitals, manufacturing plants and multifamily housing.  We have broad experience in working on these types of projects, both in the United States and abroad.  As with our much of our other capital project experience, we provide “front-end” services on facility projects – such as procurement and contracting advice and contract drafting.  We also provide strategic advice during project administration. 

One of the areas in which we excel is helping owners determine the most appropriate project delivery system for a particular project.  To accomplish this, we generally work with the owner in a collaborative, interactive environment to determine the owner’s goals for the project, and then help them evaluate the owner’s characteristics that would impact project delivery. 

We have substantial experience in helping public owners with their procurement and contracting documents on design-build facility projects.  Our services in this area are frequently performed under a subconsultant agreement with the agency’s program manager or lead design firm.  We are called upon to supplement the expertise of the agency, and to assist (or directly draft) the procurement and contracting documents for the project.

We also have a broad range of experience in assisting owners, contractors, designers and others in assessing and defending claims and disputed change orders.   If the dispute moves to a more formal setting, we will help the team create effective “litigation” or “arbitration” strategies and give our clients unfiltered, “peer review” assessments of where they stand. 

Additionally, we have substantial experience in conflicts between general contractors and subcontractors, as well as those involving designers and owners.  A more complete listing can be furnished upon request.



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